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Sudhir Kove


Sudhir Kove is a renowned Graphologist who has helped many people transform their lives and has even scaled up the revenue generations of many businesses with his unmatched personalized services. He is a Life coach, Entrepreneur, and Graphologist with extensive experience of more than 13 years. He has inspired the lives of others from childhood. His mind is a workshop, built with the cells of inspiration & innovation. Helping people to achieve more is his avowed passion. His purpose in life is to unravel & ignite the unlimited potential within you.

Speaking of work, Sudhir Kove exceptionally aces the field of Graphology. Graphology is the analysis of the patterns of the handwriting of a person, that gives an insight into the physical, emotional and social characteristics of the person, and tells about the psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluation of the personality characteristics. It is generally considered to be a pseudoscience. The term is sometimes mistakenly referred to as forensic document examination, because of the fact that aspects of the latter deal with the examination of handwritten documents & are occasionally referred to as graph-analysis.


Smart Scientific Logo Designing

Unique service to determine the organizational mindset towards increasing the revenue and reducing unnecessary losses.


Perceive & change your mindset using graphology and acquire an unstoppable mindset.

Signature analysis

Know your SWOT analysis, along with the limitations and possibilities of health issues from your signature and handwriting.

Business consultancy

We help entrepreneurs to scale up the business to the next level. Mindset training and skill set training is an integral part of course.

Mobile Number Numerology

Know what your mobile number tells about your business & use it to the utmost benefit to create an impeccable impression.


Logo Analysis

Decode the mindset of any organization by analyzing its logo! The logo is the signature of a company and can easily be perceived & decoded to know the SWOT analysis of the organization.

Handwriting and Signature Analysis

It's difficult to know a person at the first meeting. This service gives you a fair idea about the candidate's persona & potential.

Drawing Analysis

This is a powerful tool to know about the subconscious programming of an individual. It has proven to be a very strong tool for SWOT analysis of the individual.

Wrist Watch Analysis

Your Wristwatch and subconscious mind have a very strong connection. Learn to influence your finances and relationships using a wristwatch.

Corporate Training

We train people to become more confident and more efficient. Using the power of certain tools along with graphology we help people to perform better.