Corporate Training


We train people to understand their subconscious mind by teaching them the subconscious sciences like Graphology, Wristwatch analysis, Handwriting analysis, Logo analysis, and Drawing analysis. These sciences help them greatly in the corporate-run to have sorted acquaintances & interpersonal relationships within and outside their workplace. It also helps them to render their optimum productivity to the benefit of themselves & their organization. We also help people so improve the quality of their life using the life sciences.

Logo Analysis

Decode the mindset of any organization by analyzing its logo! The logo is the signature of a company and can easily be perceived & decoded to know the SWOT analysis of the organization.

Handwriting Analysis for Recruitment

It's difficult to know a person at the first meeting. This service gives you a fair idea about the candidate's persona & potential.

Drawing Analysis

This is a powerful tool to know about the subconscious programming of an individual. It has proven to be a very strong tool for SWOT analysis of the individual.

Wrist Watch Analysis

Your Wristwatch and subconscious mind have a very strong connection. Learn to influence your finances and relationships using a wristwatch.

Corporate Training

We train people to become more confident and more efficient. Using the power of certain tools along with graphology we help people to perform better.

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