Business Consultancy


Employee assessment and employee recruitment
It’s a headache for a lot of organizations to recruit people by investing a great deal of time and money, and to consequently realize a wasteful hire of resources. To render a solution to the various problems of recruitment & selection, we give a sample analysis of handwriting and signature of the candidate to the HR personnel before they interview the candidate. This analysis proves helpful to the recruiter before the interview. This service primarily focuses on the SWOT analysis of the candidate. A similar analysis can be performed for existing employees to know their SWOT from their handwriting and signature which is known as employee assessment.
Life coaching/mentorship
This is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and graphology; wherein we mentor a person through handwriting and signature modifications along with other valuables like mediation, affirmations, visualization, and physical exercises. This is a 6 months mentorship program wherein we focus on changing the lives of the person 360 degrees, in terms of health, wealth, and relationships.

Smart Scientific Logo Designing

Unique service to determine the organizational mindset towards increasing the revenue and reducing unnecessary losses.


Perceive & change your mindset using graphology and acquire an unstoppable mindset.

Signature analysis

Know your SWOT analysis, along with the limitations and possibilities of health issues from your signature and handwriting.

Business consultancy

We help entrepreneurs to scale up the business to the next level. Mindset training and skill set training is an integral part of course.

Mobile Number Numerology

Know what your mobile number tells about your business & use it to the utmost benefit to create an impeccable impression.

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