Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy is a team of skilled & passionate professionals committed to the purpose of improvement of human life. Sudhir Kove, the architect of this generous vision, has a valuable experience of more than 13 years of rigorous hard work, experiments, and unique research. He emphasizes the power of graphology & scientific logo designing to miraculously lead to a solution to all forms of problems in one’s life or business ventures.

Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy focuses on improving the overall quality of your life by helping you sustain a proper balance between health, wealth, and relationship in respective order. We concentrate on employing the science of graphology to understand the root cause of any problem & then, be able to heal & cure it through various sciences of the subconscious mind.

We ace the field of business consultancy & scientific logo designing. Till date, we have associated with numerous businesses to provide them with smart & scientific logo designs that worked for them in miraculous ways to generate 100% results. It is the aren’t vision of our mastermind, Mr. Sudhir Kove, to help more than 100000 entrepreneurs to improve their financial situations by seeking expert guidance from us and by simply updating their company’s logo.

We provide the best Professional Business Consultancy Services and strategy

Devising smart & scientific strategies is halfway to success. We walk your business through this halfway by providing the most effective business strategies, that would best suit your situations and circumstances & facilitate the attainment of your predetermined goals.

We believe in concentering our focus on the problems in order to obtain their solutions.  We employ various scientific measures like graphology, logo analysis, phone number numerology, etc. to obtain a complete understanding of your business scenario, its scope & challenges, the opportunities & threats. Thereafter, our highly skillful team sets out in strategizing the most effective & result-driving bespoke strategies that would optimally work out in your business environment & help you attain desired objectives.


Our Services

Smart Scientific Logo Designing

Unique service to determine the organizational mindset towards increasing the revenue and reducing unnecessary losses.

Signature Analysis

Know your SWOT analysis, along with the limitations and possibilities of health issues from your signature and handwriting.

Mobile Number Numerology

Know what your mobile number tells about your business & use it to the utmost benefit to create an impeccable impression.


Perceive & change your mindset using graphology and acquire an unstoppable mindset.

Business Consultancy

We help entrepreneurs to scale up the business to the next level. Mindset training and skill set training is an integral part of course.



Logo Analysis

Decode the mindset of any organization by analyzing its logo! The logo is the signature of a company and can easily be perceived & decoded to know the SWOT analysis of the organization.

Drawing Analysis

This is a powerful tool to know about the subconscious programming of an individual. It has proven to be a very strong tool for SWOT analysis of the individual.

Corporate Training

We train people to become more confident and more efficient. Using the power of certain tools along with graphology we help people to perform better.

Handwriting Analysis for Recruitment

It's difficult to know a person at the first meeting. This service gives you a fair idea about the candidate's persona & potential.

Wrist Watch Analysis

Your Wristwatch and subconscious mind have a very strong connection. Learn to influence your finances and relationships using a wristwatch.


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