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Founder Sudhir Kove

Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy started its journey as a proprietary firm in 2018 from Pune, Maharashtra. Our creative, passionate graphology expert Mr Sudhir Kove has started this academy with the aim of providing one-stop solutions for numerology, graphology, astrology, and wristwatch therapy. His vision is to make people aware about all these basic skills and sciences through training, courses, consultations and remedial solutions.

Sudhir Kove is also recognised as ‘The Logo Guru’ for his extraordinary scientific logo designing expertise and solutions. He has started serving scientific logo designing courses and training and services to find a solution for your problem with the help of a scientific logo. Logo guru’s dedication, skill, and expertise are the strength that helps logo guru to grow globally and maintain reputed position in resolving personal and professional problems.

About  Me

Sudhir Kove : Life Transformation Academy

At Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy, we help you find your unique journey for growth and development. I'm Sudhir Kove, the founder, and CEO, passionate about occult sciences and entrepreneurship. I love finding potential within individuals and businesses using the power of occult tools like Astrology, Wristwatch Analysis, Graphology, and Scientific Logo designing. People call me by different names like Guru, coach, and mentor but I call myself a curious person focused on value and impact creation in the field of occult sciences and entrepreneurship. I have a life and business transformation coach title added to my name and so is the work I do!

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My Method

Founder Sudhir Kove

We're in the business of life and business transformation using the powerful tools of occult sciences namely Astrology, Wristwatch analysis, Graphology, and Scientific logo designing. I help people solve the easiest to toughest problems of their lives through one-on-one consultations, mentorship sessions, tutorial classes as well as life and business coaching programs focused on teaching the occult sciences in a methodical and simpler way. We make occult sciences simple, easy, fun, and impactful.

Our Mission

Our mission is bold yet simple – we aim to create 10,000 occult entrepreneurs. How? By sharing our knowledge and expertise through consultations, live classes, and accessible teachings. We're not just touching lives; we're leaving an imprint of value. Our vision stretches beyond numbers; we aspire to impact over a million lives, making transformation accessible to all through various mediums using occult wisdom.
Sudhir Kove Life Transformation Academy is not just a service provider; we're a big community, a hub for those seeking answers, learning, and aspiring to carve their path in the fascinating world of occult sciences.



We also help you learn all the above occult sciences through our tailored
and structured tutorial by which you too can become a highly paid consultant of that particular science and start your own occult business! We help people become business owners and transform their lives by promoting occult entrepreneurship.

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Founder Sudhir Kove

"Million Dollar Logo" is a book authorised by Sudhir Kove  describes From the intricate symbolism to the seamless blend of art and science, each page sparks curiosity and ignites inspiration.

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